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As a reputable Hallucinogenic Mushrooms Dispensary, Super Psychedelics has access to the best vendors of Magic Mushroom Edibles. We personally test out each vendor before carrying their products at our Online Magic Mushroom Dispensary. If you love the psychedelic trips offered by magic mushrooms and are looking to experiment with fun and different ways of consuming Magic Mushrooms, look no further as we carry some of the best brands. These mouth-watering edibles are infused with Psilocybin and Psilocin, which are the components of magic mushrooms that are responsible for their hallucinogenic properties. Our lineup of Shroom-infused Edibles comes in carefully measured doses, making it simple and easy to take. Whether you are enjoying these sweets by yourself or sharing them with friends, you are guaranteed to have a great time.  Our Shroom Edibles will offer you the same psychedelic experience of Magic Mushrooms, but without the gritty taste or texture of regular, dried up Shrooms. Also when taking our Edibles, you eliminate the nausea and gut rot feeling commonly associated to taking Dried Mushrooms containing Psilocybin. What we deliver is a smooth and clean high. You greatly reduce the chance of having a bad trip with our Shroom infused edibles. Super Psychedelicsoffers some of the best Shroom Edibles such as Shroom infused Chocolates, Shroom infused Gummies, and Shroom infused Tea. Shop our Magic Mushroom Edible section and see what we have to offer.

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There are over 100 species of hallucinogenic Shrooms that have been categorized and recognized. Research shows these species contain Psilocybin, which is the psychoactive ingredient in magic mushrooms.

Polka dot shroom chocolate bars

This polka dot mushroom chocolate bar is made with fruity and intensely dark chocolate. Moreover, these perfect match polka dot shroom bars are vegan and soft enough to enjoy in one bite. The polka dot shroom is filled with gourmet raspberry dark chocolate and real...



Most people nowadays have heard of magic mushrooms, even if they’ve never tried them for themselves. Magic mushrooms are commonly associated with their intense psychoactive effects, such as their ability to induce hallucinations and mind-altering experiences. However,...